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Seeking Joint Venture Partners
Looking for partners who can share their service, knowledge and spirit
We hope to spread smiles to the world,from a single chicken wing.
We aspire to become a global food Company.
Affiliate Recruitment

Bringing Sekai no Yamachan to the world
We will leverage our delicious chicken wings and unique character “Tori-Otoko,” along with our brand image and recognition, to gain a strong advantage in acquiring customers and continue to conquer the world.
Seeking Joint Venture Partners
As a partner who runs the same business, we are looking for owners who can share our original service, know-how and spirit.
[Prerequisite condition]
Corporate organization/Take into consideration the development of multiple stores/Sympathize with our vision/Able to strive to realize that vision
Phantom Chicken Wings
The addictive spiciness and flavors of the Phantom Pepper and Secret Sauce used in the Sekai no Yamachan Maboroshi no Tebasaki (Phantom Chicken Wings) captivate everyone. The spiciness of the pepper is the most satisfying part of the wings, attracting Yamachan fans throughout Japan and around the world.
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