The information file of Oversea's Franchisees

■Major products “Maboroshi no Tebasaki(The phantom chicken wings)”

The chicken has the high collagen content. Especially --- chicken wings. In another word, it is the treasury of collagen. It is said that collagen can anti-aging, strengthening bones and strengthening joint. It is a remarkable part of nutritional compositions in recent years.
Various Japanese cuisine is prepared with Nagoya-meshi as the main.

■Education system

2 months of training in Japan before opening
We educate the know-how of store management, operation manual, and the flow from the preparation to the supply of a product.
Practice instruction for hospitality service
Perform a local training by the supervisor for 2 weeks from the open preparation period
After opening
Regular store visit supported by supervisor

Flow to contract “SEKAI NO YAMACHAN”

1. Membership consultation

・Briefing session
・Description of Contract
・Individual consultation accommodated to each owner

2.Create business plan

The supervisor will investigate price, customer unit price, peripheral results, number of customers, etc. and will support the creation of business plan.

3.Shop interior

We will inspect the candidate property and consult with the owner to create an interior drawing.


We will train one or two selected store staff at a directly managed store in Japan.

5.Before opening

The supervisor will educate the local staff two weeks before the opening. We will give guidance in English and Chinese based on the manual.

6.After opening

The supervisor will visit the stores periodically to support more stable profit.

Membership condition

■“SEKAI NO YAMACHAN” membership condition

As a partner who runs the same business, we are looking for owners who can share our original service, know-how and spirit.

[Prerequisite condition]

・Corporate organization
・Take into consideration the development of multiple stores
・Sympathize with our vision
・Able to strive to realize that vision
Membership fee: 4,500,000 yen
Membership deposit: Negotiable after the second store
Royalty: 5%
Contract period: 5 years
Update contract: If there is no objection between the two parties before the expiration of the contract, re-contract will be done every five years
Total number of stores: 82 stores(As of February 2024)
Standard opening funds: 165m2―About 45,000,000 yen
Company profile
Enterprise Syfood Co.,LTD
Headquarters Location 1-22-24、Shinsakae,naka-ku Nagoya-shi,460-0007,Japan
TEL 052-259-2782 FAX 052-259-2787
Branch Office Location Miyako Bld.202,7-11-15, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo, 160-0023,Japan TEL 03-3227-4320 FAX 03-3227-4328
Since April 11, 1985
Chief Executive Officer Kumi Yamamoto
President and Representative Director Kenichiro Kimoto
emplyees regular employees 170 people part-time 840people
capital 49 million yen
Yearly revenue 8.1 billion yen
Company scale Location (Japan)
  • <Sekai no Yamachan>
  • 20 stores in Nagoya
  • 1 store in Mikawa
  • 2 stores in Owari
  • 2 stores in Gifu
  • 16 stores in Tokyo
  • 1 store in Chiba
  • 4 stores in Kanagawa
  • 2 stores in Saitama
  • 4 stores in Osaka
  • 2 stores in Hiroshima
  • 3 takeout stores (Nagoya)
  • <Yama>
  • 2 stores in Nagoya
  • <Ichiban Ken + Sekai no Yamachan>
  • 2 stores in Aichi
  • <Chinese bar Yamu-chan>
  • <SEKAI NO YAMACHAN Nagoya Dom>
Global Location
  • Hongkong 1stores
  • Taiwan 1stores
  • Thailand 10stores
  • Total 12 stores
Franchise Business
  • Sekai no Yamachan Higashi-Okazaki Station
  • Sekai no Yamachan Hachioji
  • Sekai no Yamachan Sanjo Kiyamachi
  • Sekai no Yamachan Kawaramachi
  • Sekai no Yamachan Yokkaichi
  • Sekai no Yamachan Susukino Minami Sanjo
  • Sekai no Yamachan Ueda
Online Sales
External Sales
Event and Food Trucks