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Company profile
Enterprise Syfood Inc.
Headquarters Location 1-22-24、Shinsakae,naka-ku Nagoya-shi,460-0007,Japan
TEL 052-259-2782 FAX 052-259-2787
Branch Office Location Miyako Bld.202,7-11-15, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo, 160-0023,Japan TEL 03-3227-4320 FAX 03-3227-4328
Since April 11, 1984
Representative Director Kumi Yamamoto
emplyees regular employees 150 people part-time 1,300people
capital 99 million yen
Yearly revenue 7.8 billion yen
Company scale Location (Japan)
  • NAGOYA 32 Store
  • TOKYO 17 Store
  • OSAKA 5 Store
  • Other store 15store
  • Total 69 store
Global Locaiton
  • Hongkong 2store
  • Taiwan 2store
  • Thailand 2store
  • Malaysia 1store
  • Total 7 store
FC Affiliated Companies
Online (shopping) Channel
Corporate identity
Operation Principle-Become a promising person with various ways of thinking.
Those who will do something not only with confidence but also not be afraid of being judged by other people.
As long as you are trying to change yourself, you will be successful and an excellent person. In order to be so, the most important thing is ----- polite greeting、piety..etc and contribute to the world so that you will be respect.
On behalf of the entire staff of SYfoood will company all of the consumer、dealer and work together so as to change the store、change surroundings and change the world. In the end, we create a wonderful world. This is what it means of become a promising person with various ways of thinking. We, SYfood, will keep releasing the new related values.
History of Maborusi no Tebasaki ( The Phantom chicken wings)

Nagaya and Tebasaki

Why are the Nagoya chicken wings (Tebasaki) so famous? The story starts from 1995. At that time, chicken wings were not so popular among the people. Therefore, many restaurants that provide chicken wings(Tebasaki) were struggled because not a few chicken wings were remaining every day. In order to increase peoples` awareness and to gather attention, we invented the ultimate crispy chicken wings (Mabaroshi no Tebasaki) . And it became the specialty of Yamachan. From the point of view of chicken dish lovers in Nagaya, chicken wings go extremely great with the beer. Eventually, it has become the signature dish of Nagaya cuisine.

Yamachan and Chicken wings (Tebasaki)

Since 1980, many Japanese bars (Izakaya) started using the Tebasaki as their major products. Yamachan was established in 1980 June 14th . The original store is located in Shinsakae, Nagoya. The scale is only about square feet and contained 13 seats. Our main dish, Maboroshi no Tebasaki, of Yamachan managed to retain the essential spicy pepper and successfully made market segmentation. And then Moboroshi no Tebasaki of Yamachan in Japan has becoming mainstream. Succeed far from accidental!

The secret of Chicken wings (Tebasaki)

The chicken has the high collagen content. Especially --- chicken wings. In another word, it is the treasury of collagen. It is said that collagen can anti-aging、strengthening bones and strengthening joint. It is a remarkable part of nutritional compositions in recent years.

Related to SYfood Stock Company of direct Selling Store「世界の山ちゃん」and franchise Store 「世界のやまちゃん」, currently, we have already been based in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia. Besides these branches and franchise stores. Please kindly note that there are no any relation of Pertinenting to SYfood Stock Company in other foreign countries.
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